Advertisers Questions
  • How to advertise my own program here?
    Just register new account with us. Once you have logged in, please visit advertise section on the left menu and chose your favorite advertise way. Complete purchase and watch your results grow.
  • What are benefits of Inframe Advert?
    You will receive not only massive exposures to your advertised program, but also, you will gain your money back, plus additional bonus from us just for advertising with us. Your advertisement will be seen only one time per member, that gives best result to your program in relation of new clients! Please note that this return will be credited to you after your advertisement is fully completed.
  • What are benefits of Banner Advert?
    Advertising banner is one of most efficient advertisement option. This is the best way to show your project to the world. It gets tens of thousands exposures and so this is proven to be most successful advertising option. Us, We take it to extreme - not only you get the best results, you also get up to 150% of advertisement cost back to your wallet. Return depends on users interest in your banner, so money return can vary.
  • What are benefits of Flash Advert?
    If you want super fast results for your ad, Flash advertising is the best option for you. This is instantly approved advertisement so it will be displayed for user instantly after you complete your purchase. Flash ad does not offer return, but members can visit your advertisement once every day and so it is the best way to get fast and guaranteed result for your advertising project!
  • Advertisers Return Questions
  • Up To 120% On InFrame Ads
    By advertising your project as a InFrame Ad you are entitled to receive return from your spend amount of up to 120%. Return percentage depends on click value for members that you set. You can set from 10 to 100 Satoshis per click value. Setting small click value will give bigger ROI, but higher click value ads will be displayed for longer time for each member and it will bring advert up front. Biggest value ads will be displayed firs for member. ROI directly depends on click value for members and vary from 110% to 120%. Please note that your advert will be clicked only once per each member.
  • Up To 150% ROI On Banner Adverts
    Banner advertisement return will directly depend on user clicks in receives before ad is completed. That means ROI will be calculated by clicks it receives compared with total amount of views purchased. So final percentage return will vary and can be even none if your banner does not receive any clicks from our members. Just to note it is VERY unlikely as we did made best efforts to place your banner ads in front of our members eyes! You can get more info of how many clicks it needs to get for full 150% return at banner advertise page.
  • When Return will be credited?
    Banner or InFrame adverts returns will be credited to your account balance once that advert is fully completed. That means that if you have purchased 1000 clicks for your InFrame ad - full return will be credited to your account balance when last member views your ad and there are no more views left. The same goes for banner adverts. When there are no more credits left, banner return will be credited to your balance.
  • Advertisements stats?
    You can see all your advertisements stats at left menu statistics link under advertise option. There are shown your active and completed advertisements.
  • Can my ad be removed?
    Yes. If you have placed ad that does not meat our terms of services it will be automatically removed and no refund will be given. If you are cough constantly violating our terms your account will be permanently suspended without right for recover and all stats will be removed!
  • Can I use my purchase balance to advertise?
    Yes you can. In fact the only option to buy ads is by purchase balance. Purchase balance you can increase by depositing funds from your wallet of by transferring from your main balance.
  • Miner Game Questions
  • Why this is here?
    This is a place holder for now. There are many more features being build at the moment and soon it will get much more interesting. So we created this new section for future, because soon there will be a lot of them answered here...
    Members Registration Questions
  • What is This?
    We are one of a kind earning platform for all users around the world! Join us to earn from your various activities like viewing websites, promoting other programs, participating in contests. Growing your own personal Miner and earning from him and so on and on. There is plenty of ways to benefit from us your are started or expert, investor or a free member, everyone will find their second home with us.
  • What is Pin Number?
    Pin number is very important. Please note that it is not possible to change it or find it anywhere in your account info, only management know it, so be sure to save it somewhere safe. We mainly need your pin to verify your account in case of hack or if you will not be able to recover your account in any other way.
  • Should I enter my real details?
    It is important we have your real details for security reasons. You may be asked to prove who you are. This is very unlikely to happen, but we would advise our members to use real information. Your personal data is always safe and will never be sold or given to third parties.
  • Program users related questions
  • What is InFrame Ads?
    InFrame ads is an advertisement delivered by advertiser. View Advertisements and earn various rewards in cash. Earning amount can vary from 10 Satoshi to 100 Satoshi depending on advertiser. Members with upgraded account status earn more from each advertisement. You can view InFrame ad only once. That means you will view specific InFrame ad only one time.
  • What is referral?
    Referral is a member just like you who have register after viewing our website delivered to him by one of our already registered members. You can too invite others to join our program and receive benefits from your own referrals. Every time your own referral view advertisement, you receive a peace of their earnings. More referrals means more money for you! Upgraded members receive more benefits from their referrals, like bigger share from their viewed ads, commissions from their purchases! Please note! Referrals viewed ads commissions are added by full number bases. That means if your commissions are 10% and referral views 5 satoshi ad, your commissions would be 0.5, in that case you will not receive commissions, if member viewing 12 satoshi ad, your 10% would be 1.2 satoshi, in this case you will receive 1 satoshi in commissions, and so on... This only appends referral viewed ads commissions but not purchase commissions. Purchase commissions are paid in full.
  • What is My Miner?
    This is your own miner which you have to take care of. Like feed every day, upgrade his personal abilities, when you are ready - buy additional equipment. For that he will mine you coins. After your miner is big enough he will start mining Satoshis straight to your main balance. Take a good care of your miner, don't forget to feed him, you will be rewarded gratefully for your efforts. And the best part it is free for everyone to start!
  • What about Withdraw to my wallet?
    Yes, there is nothing more pleasant then receiving reward to your wallet for the activities you do. Once you reach 20,000 Satoshi you can request cashout. Our Cashout system is a bit different from what you have seen yet. Once at the withdraw page, chose how much fees you prepared to sacrifice in order to receive your funds to your wallet. More fees you set, the faster payment will arrive you your wallet. You can set 0% fee and will have to wait up to 11 days for your funds, or set 10% fee and receive your funds in 24 hours. After setting fees, set how much of your existing balance you want to withdraw and submit your request. Please don't ask us to speed up your process. All depend on your self, more fees you pay, faster your payment will be credited. Simple.
  • Can I deposit funds to spend here?
    Yes you can deposit funds to your purchase balance and spend on the things you want. We charge only 2% fee for depositing funds. We accept different popular coins.
  • What is company shares?
    Company Shares are wonderful tool for traders and investors to build a healthy profit from our program. Investors can buy shares and collect dividends from all profits our company make, like percentage from deposits, fees, purchases, even trades, advertisers and so on, basically from almost all cash activities performed on website.
    Traders can make nice peace of cash from their company shares trades with other members, basically buying low and selling high is the key. Just follow our market, make right decisions and be in profit. Please note that 1% fees are deducted from seller, be sure to include this in your calculations. There are 1,000,000 shares released. 500,001 shares are owned by management and other 499,999 shares are there for sale. Members can buy from system it self or from members. Shares owners can sell shares back to system or trade to other members if they decide to cashout.
  • What is daily bonus?
    As you participate in project life, you gain achievements. More achievements is better. Everyday we give daily bonus reward to our members. You just need to login each day to collect it. More achievements you achieve, bigger bonus will be assigned to you every day. You can see your achievements in Daily Bonus page.
  • Rented Referrals Questions
  • How this is different?
    The basic structure of our rented referrals system is something that you can already find on other websites, but thats just a start... While at other programs no one will ask if you like being rented referral of someone else or get any benefits for that, we do things different here: In order to be a someones rented referral, you need to apply your self and for that we will give you a reward if you'll do your job of clicking adverts, good.
  • How to apply for a job here?
    Just visit Apply page from the members menu. At the bottom right turn leaver on YES and confirm decision. Please note that you need to be our member for minimum of 7 days before you can apply for a rented referral job.
  • How much can I earn?
    Everything depends on you, literally only from your own past 7 days earnings will depend how much a user will have to pay to rent you. Last 7 days earnings are calculated and price for Premium and Standard members are set. And you as a rented referral will earn 30% of that price back to your account balance once rental period expires. But please be advised that you only get that reward if you will earn more then 80% of the price user had to pay for you. If you will keep clicking ads as 7 last days, then it will be no problem for you. This is a safety trigger against those bad people who dont care about others and apply just to get reward, but never bother to click ads once someone has rented them. Again, you need to earn a minimum of 80% from the price that has been paid. If you think it will be hard for you to reach that then just don't apply for job, click less ads for next 7 days and then apply with a lower price range, once rented, start clicking every ad you can find.
  • What is my rank AVG?
    If someone will rent you and after the renting period expires, system will calculate your earnings compared with price paid for you and in relation with that will assign rank to you. The more times you are rented, the more times rank will be given and from total amount of ranks, an average rank will be assigned. This is very important for you, because members will be able to see your avg rank and if your rank will be very low, there is a big chance you will never be rented again. So always try the best. To be more specific: if you earn 120% of your price paid to your employer, you will get rank 5, if more then 80% but less then 120% rank 4 will be given, less then 80% rank 3, less then 50% rank 2 and less then 10% rank 1 so naturally if your rank is less then 4, probably no one will rent you.
  • How to rent referrals?
    Visit rent referrals page from members menu. Select amount of referrals, price cap up to what maximum price system should look per single referral and click generate. One pack has been generated, finalize your order by paying required amount. Please note that you are covered by insurance trigger. If your rented referral does not earn, you get a refund from system depending on paid amount back to your purchase balance. After you rent referrals you can monitor them in RR Stats page from members menu.
  • What is insurance trigger?
    Once you rent referrals you expect them to be active and make you more money then you have spend on them, thats where our insurance comes. If at the end of curtain referral renting period he or she had earned less then 80% of the price you paid for him, then you will be automatically refunded back 20% of paid price to your purchase balance, if you earn less then 50% then 40% back and if less then 10% then 80% from your paid amount will be refunded to your purchase balance. This is still a risk but it is much and much less painful if your rented referral does not make you expected profit on your investment.
  • Rented Referral Rankings?
    Rankings are one of the factors that can show you will you earn from this particular rented referral or no. We have added ranking system to sort users who are active and who are not. Ranks are assigned like that. Once rental period ends for one of referrals, he is evaluated by the profit he earned for a user who rented him. If he/she earned more then 120% of the price paid for him, he/she is assigned 5 rank points, from 80% to 119% 4 rank points, from 50% to 79% 3 rank points, from 10% to 49% 2 rank points and for less then 10% 1 rank point, so when you do rent referrals, rank 4 and up are most likely to make you profit and are worth to rent.

More detailed information about users account USE

    Various member questions
  • Do you have upgraded memberships?
    Yes, at the moment we have only one higher level membership which can members purchase. Premium membership has following benefits:
    10% higher value InFrame Ads 20% from referral viewed ads Referral Purchase commissions of 10% Special higher rate for Daily Bonus
  • Whats minimum withdraw?
    Minimum amount you have to hold in your main balance in order to request withdraw is 20,000 satoshi. Please note that fee can be deducted if you chose sow. Please check withdraw setting carefully before submitting form.
  • Do I need deposit in order to cashout?
    NO! Absolutely no deposit or fresh money investment is requested from no members. This is a free program and anyone with minimum or higher withdraw amount can request their funds. We are a free program. Please note that there are paid services but those services are an option and are not required to obtain.
  • Can My friend register?
    Yes, as long as he/she have their own computer or device and are registering from an unique IP address. We allow only one account per person, device or ip address. Please note any attempts to create more then one account will result in permanent all of your accounts termination!
  • Why Can Not Set My Miner?
    First time when you get to miner page, you need to find a location for your miner to mine coins. Without locations you can not start working! First find good and resourceful mining location, then you can start managing your miner. Please note that every time resources runs out, you will need to find new map to start mining again.
  • Why my miner is mining so little coins?
    A lot depends on the location you are mining your coins, please check in miner stats to see what is your location productivity. When looking for new location you are given choice to keep discovered location or look again. If you are not happy with the location you have found, you can start looking for new location. Keep looking till you will find productive location for your miner to mine coins.
  • Miner Energy
    Miner Energy is one of the most important elements of miner game! Miner energy lets you add food and upgrade tools. Energy will recover naturally on hourly basis. One energy point per one hour. If you need more energy, you have a choice to topup your energy manually in the M Energy Page under the Miner section.
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