Some of our recent projects


Unique project, build on our rocketscript script. Unique design and modifications where made by us. Unique features never seen before where implemented. One of the best 2019 PTC hybrid websites on internet.


One of the most unique and sales driven project launched in 2019. It is build from scratch. We have designed to make profit for everyone, users and website admins. It includes all earning methods possible, like ptc, revenue shares, company shares, shares market, faucet, mini browser game with build in upgrades options and many more. Every single feature was build by us, non of the modules where copied from others!


Fully build from scratch websites monitoring website, with unique features. This build included 100% of works, from planning, to coding and designing. This monitoring website includes members base, mini game, adding new websites, earning money. Fully build admin panel to easy and fast manage website. Unique concept and vision.