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Buy company shares and receive lifetime dividends, or list on market and trade them with others for profit!


View Ads => 110 Satoshis
Activity => Daily Bonus
Get Hired => Be Paid RR
Minimum Only => 20,000 Sat
Different => 100% Unique!

We are the Highest Paying free program out now! What we offer, you will not find no where else. And That is a fact! Join us today, and start feeling what old school program feels like! Just give it a try. This is 100% free, so you wont loose nothing for trying!


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We bet this is not your first revenue share program. But we are nothing like others, we offer fast results, very fast, we offer unique ways to earn more. Plus, our adverts gives The Best Results!


Free Game => Real Sat Rewards
Progress => 40 Levels!
Tools => Mine Faster
Level Maps => 6 Levels!
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- We all like games -
Yes, and our game pays you for being active and not some pennies, We pay very high. Play for fun and cash, or play for full and start receiving big every few minutes! You always in control! The most innovative paying game out there!

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Progressive Commissions

While other program might limit your referral earnings, we actually encourage this. And even more, the more referrals you have, the more commissions we gonna pay you for every single advert they view! No limits here!

Features Like Rented Referrals Insurance brings our program in from of others. Rented Referrals Insurance will trigger if your rented referral has not earned you a minimum of 80% of what you paid for him and you will get a refund from us! Who else does that...?
  • Up To 120% On InFrame Ads
    By advertising your project as a InFrame Ad you are entitled to receive return from your spend amount of up to 120%. Return percentage depends on click value for members that you set. You can set from 10 to 100 Satoshis per click value. Setting small click value will give bigger ROI, but higher click value ads will be displayed for longer time for each member and it will bring advert up front. Biggest value ads will be displayed firs for member. ROI directly depends on click value for members and vary from 110% to 120%. Please note that your advert will be clicked only once per each member.
  • What is this Miner Game?
    This is your own miner which you have to take care of. Like feed every day, upgrade his personal abilities, when you are ready - buy additional equipment. For that he will mine you coins. After your miner is big enough he will start mining Satoshis straight to your main balance. Take a good care of your miner, don't forget to feed him, you will be rewarded gratefully for your efforts. And the best part it is free for everyone to start!
  • How this Rented Referrals is different?
    The basic structure of our rented referrals system is something that you can already find on other websites, but thats just a start... While at other programs no one will ask if you like being rented referral of someone else or get any benefits for that, we do things different here: In order to be a someones rented referral, you need to apply your self and for that we will give you a reward if you'll do your job of clicking adverts, good.
  • Need More Information?
    We have most transparent and informative featured asked questions section. A lot of information is already answered by us so you would not have to wonder around and could understand our program principles before even starting. We are unique and very different style program, thats why people love our program and thats why we suggest finding out about us in our featured asked questions - Read More Here.